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Imitators of God

In the book Ephesians, we are called to be imitators of Christ. We are called to walk, live in, and operate in love just as Christ taught us. No matter people’s opinions towards us, we are called to love them. In a world that is filled with division and hate, we are called to be imitators of the selfless love of God.

Pushing Past Fear

Fear. A complex word, fear can entail many things – fear of death, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of opposition, and countless more. While these fears are each unique in their manifestations, they are common in one way: their origins. All fear originates from the same place: from within us. But it doesn’t just come about by itself – fears arise in accordance with the media, literature, and entertainment we choose to consume.

Our Divine Help

What do we do when the adversity life brings our way is overwhelming? Where do we turn when we are flooded with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety? Our answer was provided to us by God through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Our answer is the 3rd head of the Trinity – The Holy Spirit.

Choosing Your Counsel

Do you recognize the power of influence? Who you read, watch, talk to, and listen to is influencing you each day – whether you realize it or not. Each person we hang around, we’re opening ourselves up to their personality, character, morals, actions and thought patterns. If we continue to hang out with the people we have been hanging around, we will continue to be molded by them – for better or for worse!

Faithful with Little

Stewardship is a common topic of biblical discussion. Whether or not we are effective with what God entrusts us with will determine a lot – about ourselves, our futures, and even His blessings. If we are intentional in following His guidance in diligence, He will be faithful to bless and entrust us with more.

Labor of Love

Our society is widely focused on their personal wealth and how to increase their possessions, prestige, or even power. As believers, God has called us to be different from those around us. Many times, people put their finances first. In a world and culture where this is a reality, let’s strive to operate in love according to God’s guidance. Let’s strive to labor in love to effectively display the grace Christ already showed us when He sacrificed Himself on the cross.

The Bigger Picture

Oftentimes, people start strong in their walk with the Lord, then gradually decline in the coming days, months, years. Some fail to invest time in prayer, others in God’s Word. Usually, this is not intentional, but instead is the result of life’s distractions piling up and making us lose our focus on the bigger picture. We must be intentional to stay focused on what truly matters and not let the little difficulties of life distract us!

Practicing Prayer

Prayer is an essential spiritual discipline we each must come to practice regularly. It’s a powerful tool that we have access to through Christ’s sacrifice. Oftentimes, we pursue God’s plan for our lives and start out with a strong prayer life, but the enemy sabotages us and we fall victim to his plans to stop us from reaching God’s full potential in our lives.

Let Go & Overcome

The society of today has a drastically different mindset than believers should have when approached with adversity. Many in the world would say the solution when you’re having trouble overcoming an obstacle is to put your head down and try harder, don’t give up. While there is truth to this principle, the better solution is to let go and let God. To relinquish control of the situation into God’s hands and let Him provide and protect.

A Father’s Compassion

Do you recognize God’s amazing grace in your life? Oftentimes, we lose sight of the grace of God amidst our day-to-day life. We forget that we have everything to be excited and thankful about! We forget that the trials that life brings day to day actually are nothing in comparison to the goodness and graciousness of our Father!

When Praise Gets Hard

What do we do when times get tough, and we find it difficult to praise the Lord? This very situation is outlined in Psalm 103 by David. When David finds himself in a difficult spot and finds it hard to continue to worship the Lord, he reminds himself of who the Lord is and all that He has done for him!

Exalting His Name

We each must come to recognize that God has plans for each of our lives. Whether or not we follow His guidance in our lives is up to us. So, when you feel the Lord guiding you, are you quick to follow His promptings? Or do you operate according to your fleshy desires? We need to be intentional in both living out the plans God has for us and giving Him the glory that comes with it!