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Do you ever feel overextended in what God has called you to do? It might be in your family, in your work, or in your calling, wherever it originates from, you may feel overextended in our responsibilities. When we feel stretched beyond our limits and capabilities we cannot and will not function effectively. When this happens, we need to remember that God is with us in whatever He has called us to do.

God’s Purpose Will Prevail

God has a purpose for you. He has had a purpose for you before you existed. While we may think we have well-thought-out plans and goals, oftentimes they actually inhibit God’s true purpose for us. Other times, we encounter hardships on the way to the destination God called us to, and instead of pushing through them with God’s aid, we back down and even turn around.

Making Time for God’s Word

Romans 10:17 (NKJV) states: “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Our intake of God’s Word and our faith go hand in hand. When we are intentional about reading, hearing, and studying God’s Word, we will inevitably gain faith in the Lord, His promises, and His future plans.

An Unbreakable Spirit

If your country’s leader signed a law that banned prayer to God – punishable by death – would you immediately pray and thank the Lord? This is essentially what Daniel did when faced with this dilemma. Despite being faced with death, and death by lions nonetheless, Daniel showed an unbreakable spirit and unmatched faith in his God.

Just Keep Walking

When faced with a storm, where do you turn to? Time and time again in God’s Word, we see Him saving, providing for, and protecting His people. We see Him part the Red Sea for Moses, help David slay Goliath, and even helped Peter to walk on water. Our God is anything but limited by what we expect!

He Shall Hide Me

Psalm 27 is written by David as he flees Saul, his army, and their plans to kill him to stop his claim to the throne. While any normal person would be scared for their life as they fled the army and king of one of the most powerful nations on earth at the time, David was not. Instead, he took quite a different stance. David recognized that His God was greater than his problem.

Let It Go

Consistency is comfortable. It’s only natural to gravitate towards situations, relationships, and places that we feel safe and comfortable in. But, God’s plan for us doesn’t always have us in places of comfort. Time and time again in God’s Word, in fact, we see His children undergo difficult situations. But these aren’t meaningless hardships, they are used to grow the individual.

Finding Contentment with Your Purpose

In a world of social media and constant comparison, insecurity is at an all-time high. Men, women, and children from all backgrounds, religions, and geographical locations are being caught up in the never-ending cycle of comparing themselves to those around them. When we live like this, however, we are living ineffectively. We can’t compare ourselves to others because we are a unique creation of God with a unique purpose!

Into the Deep

When it comes to your relationship with the Lord, would you say you’re ‘all in?’ Oftentimes, believers stay on the banks of belief – they stay on the outskirts of the living water, staying only ankle-deep. Contrary to this half-hearted faith, the Bible calls us to be all in for the Lord. In John 7:38, it frames this call to action perfectly:

Back on the Road

How often in life do we give up on things because they are not what we had expected or hoped for? How often do we dwindle in our faith when we are faced with adversity? Oftentimes, our earthly expectations get in the way of God’s plan for our lives. God knows what we need, and what we need to do to help those around us as well. We can see this demonstrated through the life of Paul.

Our Divine Helper

The Holy Spirit is a being. Oftentimes, many of us picture the Holy Spirit as a passive force, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the book of John, Jesus reveals many truths regarding the nature of the Holy Spirit and how He helps us as believers. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we have access to the Holy Spirit and all that He helps us with.

Imitators of God

In the book Ephesians, we are called to be imitators of Christ. We are called to walk, live in, and operate in love just as Christ taught us. No matter people’s opinions towards us, we are called to love them. In a world that is filled with division and hate, we are called to be imitators of the selfless love of God.