January 13, 2021

Peace series, Peace Pt 2: Rediscovering Peace

When the inevitable storms of life hit you, do you remain peaceful? Do you have enough faith in God and His plans for you to remain peaceful in even the circumstances that have the most uncertainty and difficulty? The peace we have in God shouldn’t be susceptible to the storms of life—we must strive to keep our peace! Strive to have faith in God’s plan for you and utilize peace as a tool to ward off the attacks of our enemy!

If God brought you to a circumstance, have faith that He will get you to the other side! Our God is all-powerful—what does it say about your faith if you can’t trust Him to get you out of a storm? We all must be intentional about keeping our peace in God no matter what situation we may be going through. When we stay peaceful in God, it is a display of our faith in His power and His word!

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