April 1, 2021

Passion Series Pt. 2B – Informed Passion

Passion inherently is not bad and is even necessary. But, when our passion becomes misguided, it can be extremely detrimental! To combat misguided passions, we must stay rooted in God’s truth and strive to follow His guidance at every turn. If we aren’t intentional in this, the enemy could use our passion against us and even against God’s Kingdom. Misguided passion is extremely dangerous!

When our passion is misaligned, we get angry with those we are supposed to love. We get jealous of others’ successes or blessings. All in all, we’re not operating in love, and we’re not operating under God’s guidance. The real danger of misguided passion though, is it often feels like the right thing at the time—but that’s our misguided passion speaking!





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