April 2, 2020

Keeping My Praise Out Front Part 2

One of the biggest difference-makers in your destiny is the attitude you choose to adopt on a daily basis. Many people choose to adopt a griping, complaining attitude, always seeing the worst in every scenario. However, God wants there to be a song in your heart, a shout on your lips. If you go into this season with your praise out front, focusing on all the promises and blessings He has for you, you’re sure to win.

One of the keys to living out this mindset is to exercise faith. Keeping your praise out front will influence how you believe God’s Word. Are you able to see his goodness and his promises with your heart before you see them with your eyes? It’s easy to worship after the battle is won; but God wants us to believe him before it comes to pass! That’s faith—faith is simply seeing God’s deliverance in your heart before you see it with your eyes.

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