February 10, 2021

Joy Series Pt. 2A – For The Joy

Do you know the power of God’s Word? What about its limiting factors in transforming our life? Despite its power to change and transform, the Bible still has a limiting factor: our hearts. If our hearts aren’t open to what is within God’s Word, it will not take root and produce fruit. For the Word of God to have full effect in our life, we must open our hearts to what it is saying and strive to live accordingly!

The parable of the seed and 4 soils sums up this idea perfectly. The seed was never the issue when the farmer was planting it—it was always a problem with the soil. In this parable, the soil represents our heart. Are we being open and receptive to the teachings of God’s Word? It is only when we are that our heart becomes fertile soil that can allow God’s Word to take root and produce fruit in our lives!

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