July 30, 2020

Healing Series: Jesus is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever 2A

For centuries, the Israelite people had enjoyed a special status—a unique relationship with God. They were the chosen people, the ones able to enjoy the presence and direction of God like no one else. For generations, they received promises of redemption, salvation, an eternity with Him…

So it’s no wonder that, when the church of Jesus Christ spread to the Gentiles, some Jews felt possessive and judgmental towards the “outsiders.” In the first century A.D., the church fathers had to recalibrate how these new disciples saw one another. Not only was it an issue of Jew vs. Gentile; it was also man vs. woman, slave vs. master, and a host of other dichotomies. The people of God were, for the first time, an international, multi-generational body…but they had to learn how to be one in Christ.

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