June 18, 2020

God Stopper: Immediately Part 5

Have you ever been through a storm that caused you to see God in a different way? Often, we learn much about ourselves, and our God, in the midst of challenges—when we reach the end of our own strength. This was the case for Jesus’s disciples in Matthew 14.

Most of us are familiar with the story of Jesus walking on the water in the midst of the horrible storm that kept His followers trapped all night long on the water. What we don’t often see, though, is the paradigm shift that the disciples went through as a result. You see, the problem was not that the men didn’t trust Jesus at all—these were the disciples, and they had was a level of faith. The problem was they were trusting the weather conditions more. Many of us are in the same boat: we do trust God, but we trust what’s happening in our circumstances more.

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