When Praise Gets Hard

What do we do when times get tough

What do we do when times get tough, and we find it difficult to praise the Lord? This very situation is outlined in Psalm 103 by David. When David finds himself in a difficult spot and finds it hard to continue to worship the Lord, he reminds himself of who the Lord is and all that He has done for him!

We need to take note of David’s response because it needs to be our response as well. We need to take a step back from our situation, no matter how bad it may be, and remind ourselves of who God is, how He is in control, and how He has a plan for our lives. He is faithful and with us – nothing in this life should phase us when we know this!

Today’s culture has a propensity to share bad news. Everyone dwells on the negative and has nothing to look forward to—seeking their self-value from others and media metrics. Instead of this approach that is so common, we need to redirect our focus to God! We must be intentional to remind ourselves that He is always in control and is bigger than the situation at hand!

So, in conclusion, when you find it hard to worship, when things get hard, circumstances get tough, and you’re having trouble finding the perseverance to continue on… Remind yourself of who God is. Remind yourself of what He has done for you and continues to do for you. Remind yourself that He has an amazing plan for your life and for His Kingdom!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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