Weakness in Strength

Weakness in Strength

In our walks with God, we’ve all encountered pain, trials, and frustrations. It’s tempting to assume life with Jesus is our ticket out of hardship. Instead, we see that the lives of the Bible’s most faithful men and women were rife with tribulation. Paul is one of these figures.

Paul’s thorn brought Paul to a place of utter desperation before God. Three times, he broke down and pleaded for the thorn to be removed. But God had another purpose for his pain, and that purpose still applies to our pain today.

Pain and frustration can easily discourage us. We are tempted to just throw in the towel when it feels we’re taking ten steps forward, and eight steps back. However, we see that Paul never stopped. In his discouragement, he stood on God’s word: “My grace is sufficient for you.” 

God doesn’t always remove the sources of our suffering. He doesn’t always snap His finger and cancel the spiritual battles we fight. Instead, He promises we will always have what it takes to win. Paul’s thorn was not removed from this life; but he had something greater. He had a covenant with the God of the universe through the blood of Jesus Christ.

This is how we turn our weakness into our advantage: not through our own strength, but through His, we prevail. When we live out this powerful truth, we truly come to know that God is all we need. Like Paul, we are empowered to stop not when we’re tired, but only when we’re finished.

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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