Walk Away

Walk Away

We are constantly bombarded by information. Newspapers. Television. Billboards. The radio. Everywhere we go, we hear opinions, facts, and numbers on this, that, and the other. Of course it’s easy to fall prey to what the world is ministering to us. Our heads are swimming with what everyone else has to say about the latest crisis, the latest presidential candidate, or the latest apocalyptic outbreak.

But what does God have to say about our world’s issues?

In an age where everyone’s opinions are easily accessible and readily available, we have to make a more conscious effort to STOP. WALK AWAY. And PRAY.

Jesus knew and practiced this concept every day of His life on Earth. In fact, the Bible documents Jesus’ quiet time with His Father, calling it “His custom.” Think about that for a minute! It was Jesus’ custom to go to God first before all else. It was Jesus’ custom to give God His time and His burdens, first.

In John 8:1-2, we read about how Jesus just walked away and went to the Mount of Olives so He could commune with God. There is great importance in walking away from all the noise in our lives, so we can hear God’s voice more clearly.

I want you to think of a time where praying first would have changed the results of a circumstance. For me, if I don’t start my day off in the Word, everything feels a little bit off. If I eventually get into the Word that day, it’s like relief and peace come over me, quieting my anxious heart. Do you feel like something is missing when you miss time with Him? If you only invest a little, don’t be surprised by the little you receive or understand of His word.

If we follow the footsteps of Jesus, we will be ahead.

Jesus had His priorities in order. Now, it’s our turn! The level of Word you sit under determines the level of Word you live under. It’s not enough to get it right in our hearts, but also, to get it right in our heads. When you come to God with everything, you’ll be over your head with the blessing of God. What’s amazing about God is that we can’t beat God’s giving. We want to come to church and say Lord, “I give you all I have.” But do we really mean that or are we just feeling the rush, the Jesus high of the moment?

True seeking is true prayer life. If you want God’s best for you, you seek God’s best every day. Go to Him. Go to Him when you’re happy and when you’re sad. Go to Him with thanksgiving and praise. Go to Him in true repentance. Go to Him with worries and fears. Every day. And I promise you, what measure you meet will be measured back to you.

Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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