All Valuable Diamonds must be Cut!

What is Revealed When You Face Life's Pressures?

All Valuable Diamonds must be Cut!

When you think of a diamond, value, perfection and beauty come to mind, but what about struggle and pressure? Too often, we focus on the beauty of certain results, but forget the process it takes to get there. Like the pressure a diamond endures, what if your challenges are meant to reveal your true beauty?

We all know the story of David and Goliath. With a clear advantage in size, strength and weaponry, Goliath stands on the battlefield taunting the Israelites, who were all too scared to do anything about it. Like the Israelites, we sometimes become paralyzed by the size of our giant, but David was different. He recognized the problem wasn’t about the size of his enemy, but the size of his God! When your faith is rooted in God’s Word, you too will know that no giant standing before you is a match for the Christ within you!

Think about your situation for a moment.  What is causing you to fear, despair or want to give up?  Could it be the very thing God is using to transform you and reveal the greatness in you? Whether in this situation or the next, remember, the battle is not about you. So, your confidence cannot be in your strength or ability, but in God’s.

While everybody saw a giant too big to beat, David saw a giant too big to miss! He reflected on what God did for him in the past and ran toward the giant. Spend time in God’s presence, remember all He has done, and you too will have the confidence to run toward the battle,­­­ and into victory.

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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