Use Your Platform to Point to Jesus

When God Stops

Use Your Platform to Point to Jesus

In 2 Kings 5, we find the story of Naaman, a Syrian warrior who also happened to be a leper. When his household brings in an Israelite slave girl, she influences Naaman to seek out the wisdom of Elisha to help with his physical condition. 

From this story, we learn several key spiritual truths that can help us during times of hardship:

1. No matter how righteous we may think we are, we’re all enemies of God without Jesus. Naaman had a pristine reputation among the Syrian people; however, every victory he’d had was only because God allowed it. He was still an enemy of God. No matter what accomplishments we’ve achieved, we still need Jesus to be reconciled to our Heavenly Father.

2. The servant girl persevered, and cared about others. Most people in her position would have been self-centered and would have given up. Not this girl. She faithfully served her Syrian masters, and even advised Naaman’s family to seek out God’s prophet so that he could be healed. When you’re going through hardship, do you only focus on your own needs? Or are you looking around for others who need your help?

3. The servant girl pointed to her God as the answer. This Israelite could have stayed quiet, or suggested any other number of remedies for Naaman’s condition. Instead, she used her small platform to its full capacity, declaring her faith in God and in Elisha as His prophet. No matter how small your platform may be, there are people listening in to what you have to say. What message will you send them? Will you point them to the one, true God?

You may be surprised by the people listening to you. You have more influence than you can imagine. This servant girl used her influence to point Naaman to God. She understood that, alone, we can’t be good enough or heal ourselves. We need a Savior who is all-powerful, and who mercifully invites us to be His people and to heal our sicknesses for His glory.  

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier


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