Understanding God’s Grace

God’s grace for us is nothing short of amazing

God’s grace for us is nothing short of amazing. In this week’s sermon, Bishop Grier finished the story of the prodigal son. The father in the parable, representing our Father, accepted the son who had turned away from Him, much to the dismay of His other son. But when we come to understand the extent of God’s amazing grace, this act of forgiveness and acceptance back into His household makes total sense.

God’s grace is unending. We can’t do anything that He won’t forgive—Jesus Christ covered our past, present, and future sins with His sacrifice on the cross. His love for us is infinite. We cannot think we deserve any of His love, for it is by grace and not by works we receive it. We are all guilty and none of us are better than someone else based on what they do or do not do.

A major flaw in the thinking of the second son of the father in the parable was that the father should not be so happy and kill the fatted calf. However, the second son was in the presence of the father the entire time. Just like we, as believers have a relationship with God, this is the true reward. This is the true blessing!

In conclusion, we all need to seek to better our understanding of God, His grace, and His will for each of our lives. We need to pour into Him and recognize His love for us. While we may be in His household, if we don’t understand His love, His grace, and His forgiveness for us, we don’t understand our Father!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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