Every believer is called to be a leader in some capacity.  Leadership isn’t just for business owners or those who want to lead in a ministry.  All of us are called to lead our children, our families, and even ourselves.  It is God’s purpose to position you and give you influence to bring glory to Him.

You can walk into any bookstore and find a lot of books about leadership from a lot of different authors.  But there’s a huge difference between reading a lesson off of a page and gaining the wisdom first hand through personal experiences.  It’s important for us to realize that Jesus didn’t just spend His time trying to make sure the disciples had the right doctrine or lived a certain way.  He was training them as the first line of leadership for the church that we are a part of today.

In Mark 6, we find the familiar story of the feeding of the multitude.  In my years of leadership training and development all over the world, I’ve always been struck at the simple yet direct lessons Jesus was instilling in His disciples.  He didn’t give them a lecture or a seminar.  (Not that those are bad.)  But He actively used the events around them to teach and train these men to become leaders.  And not just any leaders, but leaders who served the people as Jesus did.

One of the key thoughts, we can see in that encounter with Christ is that true leadership means embracing that it’s up to us.  No one else is coming to redeem this generation.  It may seem crazy at first, but when you begin to offer what you have and believe for what’s beyond yourself, you’ll find God open opportunities to expand your influence and impact in the lives of others.

In a recent message series, I shared twelve unique leadership lessons or principles that Jesus shared through the course of feeding the multitude.  These lessons are just as significant and timely for us as they were for those men nearly 2000 years ago.  Once we realize that no one else is coming to make a difference in the world, we immediately come to see how important our leadership and our leadership ability become.  That’s the reason I’ve dedicated so much of my time, passion, and energy into developing and releasing the leadership gifts of believers around the world.

Make the decision now that you will take up the mantle of leadership that is yours as a child of God and let’s make an impact in our worlds together!

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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