How many times have you said, “If only I’d known?” Once too many, I’m sure. But, how do we mentally prepare for what life throws at us if we don’t know what’s coming?

Well, God wants to prepare us for what lies ahead and has provided us with the gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom. The two terms are sometimes used synonymously, but they are different and they shouldn’t be confused with regular knowledge (obtaining information) and wisdom (knowing how to use that information).  These gifts are fundamentally like these two simple terms, but to the 100th power! It’s God putting his “super” on your “natural” understanding, enabling you to create and problem solve in a way that exceeds human ability.

We see this in 1 Kings, chapter 2.  God gave Solomon great wisdom to lead His people and one day, two women came before him, arguing over a baby. Each woman claimed the child was their own and that the other’s had died. They wanted Solomon to decide who would keep the child. How would he know who the real mother was?

This is when Solomon’s gift of wisdom proved itself. He tested them by ordering that the child be cut in two, with each woman given a half.  The first woman cried out and said to give the other woman the child.  The second woman agreed to let the child be split. Solomon knew then that the first woman was the real mother.

Solomon’s solution to the problem at first glance seemed foolish, even dangerous. But the wisdom of his approach was clear once the matter was settled. He knew that the suggestion to cut the child in two would reveal the real mother, and he rewarded her love accordingly.

Like Solomon, we can use supernatural wisdom to respond to life’s challenges.

Isn’t it comforting to know that God can forewarn, and thus forearm you for what lies ahead! Your relationship with God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is vital for your life! And, as you strengthen your relationship with God, you strengthen the gifts inside you! So, let’s tap into the gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom and get better results in our lives.

Live Big!

Dr. Grier

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