Through a Human Lens

God’s timing is sometimes much different than our own

Lately, we’ve been examining the story of Jairus, and how God’s timing is sometimes much different than our own. As we wrap up our look at Jairus’s miracle—the resurrection of his daughter—there’s one more important principle to make note of. Jairus didn’t only trust God’s timing—he was also willing to keep following Christ even when he didn’t understand how things would work out in the end.

Jesus said of Jairus’s daughter, “She is not dead, but asleep.” The people ridiculed Him. Why? Because we see things through a human lens. They got mad at Jesus—laughed at Him—because what He said and did didn’t make sense from a human perspective.

However, with God, raising someone from the dead is no harder than us waking somebody up from sleep. So as far as Jesus was concerned, it was as if the girl was sleeping! Do we fully appreciate who we’re praying to and following? Or do we simply get frustrated and throw up our hands when God’s ways don’t completely make sense to us?

If God answers your prayers, He does it to build your faith. If He delays, He’s building your patience. And if He doesn’t answer, it’s because He has something better. Trusting God includes trusting His timing. The only reason this miracle happened is because Jairus made a decision: “I’ve come too far to only come this far. I didn’t lay all my pride down…I didn’t worship Jesus…I didn’t follow Him all the way back to my house…to stop just because I don’t understand some things…to stop just because things didn’t go my way. All that matters is if He’s with me.”

Let this be the prayer of our heart. When God’s response to our pleas and prayers doesn’t make sense, let us keep pursuing Him, following Him, worshipping Him. Let us keep trusting that there are things we simply do not understand, and that the only thing we do understand—that Christ is trustworthy—is all we need.

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