Are you saddled down by the weight of your past? Though we all fall short of the glory of God, His love for us is unconditional and will never change.

Luke 15 tells a parable of a father and two sons. The parable began with the younger son requesting his inheritance from the father although he was still alive. The father granted his request without hesitation, so the younger son sold all his possessions for cash and moved to a distant land.

It was only a brief period of time before he blew his inheritance. To make matters worse, a famine swept the land and he was forced into servitude as a means of survival. The younger son finally reached his breaking point and decided he would return to his father, denounce his sonship, and beg for a position as a servant.

Instead of reprimanding him, the father welcomed his younger son back with open arms, clothed him in fine garments, sacrificed a calf to pay the price for his son’s missteps, and held a celebration.

Initially, it’s easy to misunderstand why the father displayed so much compassion towards his son, despite all he’d done. However we must realize that this is the same manner in which God deals with us when we fall short. Even when we are disobedient and covered in sin, God’s love for us is still the same and nothing can separate us from Him.

He gives us the ability to make mistakes so that we can learn valuable lessons that will draw us closer to Him. And when we repent and express our love for Him, He wraps us in the garments of righteousness like the father in the parable did to the younger son.

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Living In Grace and Peace,
Dr. Grier

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