The Seed of Anger

Mount Crumpit Part 2B

We will all face situations and circumstances in our life that make us angry, it is inevitable. How we respond to this anger however is our responsibility. If we ignore it and let it fester, it will surely take root in our hearts and manifest through our words and actions. We must be intentional to deal with the seeds of anger when they are planted—take the necessary steps to forgive, heal, and move on without the burden of anger!

The first step in the process is acknowledging what made you angry and forgiving the person or situation. The reality is that people who are hurt tend to hurt others. If you are hurt by someone, they themselves have most likely been hurt in the past. Instead of seeking revenge and dwelling in bitterness, strive to forgive them through Jesus Christ! Show the same forgiveness that He showed us!

The next step is letting go. This doesn’t mean you have to forget the situation or trust that person again. It does mean you need to let go of the feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment that you may still be clinging to. These feelings will cause you to hurt someone else if they are left to grow. Invest the time to eliminate these feelings and keep your heart healthy! Happiness is yours—don’t let someone else take it!

In conclusion, if someone wrongs us, it is in our sinful nature to want revenge and to get even. Don’t let these feelings control your words and actions! Strive to forgive the situation and move on in your life. Take the time and effort to uproot the anger and bitterness—don’t let it manifest in your heart!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier





































































































































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