The Relevant Church

The Relevant Church

Often, people hear the word “relevant” and assume that, in order to be relevant, we need to sell out on the truths of scripture in some way. Instead, I’d like to suggest that relevance is built from two essential components that don’t require compromising on one iota of Scriptural truth.

The, a church must demonstrate that what it’s offering—the message, services and programs—add value and serve the people. Non-Christian visitors, and those who are still questioning their faith, need to see that what the church has can be used practically, in their everyday lives, not just in theory.

Secondly, a church must be socially applicable. This does not mean we must bow to the norms of society. Rather, we must provide a worldview that people can use to interpret the social world around them. Are we providing answers to the horrors happening in the world today? Are our churches inspiring real hope? Can we take our Sunday experience and apply it practically?

True relevance produces longevity. Despite many trends that forecast a declining Church, maintaining relevance in ways that influence lives in a real way will keep the church, and any organization strong for the long haul.

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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