The God of Second Chances

Try Again Part 2

The God of Second Chances

Through the story of Achan’s in Joshua 7-8, we learn that failing to address sin can have disastrous ramifications. God speaks to Joshua in the wake of a military defeat, and we see that He gives mercy, but also allows us to face consequences for our trespasses. Below are three things we can learn from Achan’s experience:

  1. Our Defeats Are Not God’s Fault. Joshua questioned why God allowed their defeat. In turn, God revealed Israel’s sin as the cause of their suffering. Oftentimes, our sinful decisions, we are the culprits behind the hardship we face. We must recognize our sin, and genuinely repent (turn from) our sin.
  2. Unless We Kneel, We Cannot Stand. God required His people to submit to Him and obey His Word. Only then could they experience victory over their enemies. Likewise, until we submit ourselves completely to God, we’ll never stand in the victory He has for us.
  3. Get Up and Go Again. God gave Israel a second chance (and a third, and a tenth…) He’s ready and willing to forgive us; simply confess your sin and repent, and you can get up and get going again. In the finished work of Christ, there is no amount of failure or sin that can separate us from His all-powerful love!

Whatever challenges you’re facing, allow the Lord to examine your heart. Make sure there’s nothing sinful or contrary to His Word prevailing in your life. If there is, come clean and turn to Him. Then, you can rise and walk into your victory with Him by your side.”

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