The Full Armor

The Helmet of Salvation

Do you ever face doubt about God’s involvement in your life? The enemy often tries to limit our understanding of God since he cannot stop our relationship! Strive to weather the psychological attacks from the enemy. You can do this only by utilizing the tools that God has given us through His Word, specifically, the Full Armor of God!

Our salvation is compared to our helmet. It protects our heads from the enemies’ attacks. But how can salvation do this? It’s not solely meant to be our ticket to eternal life! Our salvation should change the way we live and look at the world and apply God’s Word and plan to our lives.

Equipping the helmet of salvation means to fully recognize the amazing gift that we have received through Jesus’ sacrifice. Doing so means our mindset is better protected against the psychological attacks from the enemy. These attacks are sure to come in one fashion or another, the only question is, are you equipped to deal with them?

Amidst so much uncertainty in the world, we have to be sure we remain diligent and equipped always for any attack that may come. The helmet of salvation is just one of 6 spiritual armor pieces that we must equip if we are to weather the enemy’s attacks. Equip yourself! Be ready for battle!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier




























































































































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