The Full Armor

The Sword of the Spirit

The Full Armor of God can defend us from the enemy’s constant and powerful attacks, but when can we go on the offensive? With the help of the Holy Spirit guiding us, we can yield the power of the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. With this weapon, the enemy will flee! Jesus gives us a great example of using the Sword of the Spirit when He is being tempted by Satan.

When Satan tried to tempt Jesus with food during His fast, He replied with, ‘It is written…’ When the devil tried to get Jesus to worship him for earthly kingdoms, Jesus replied with, ‘It is written…’ Jesus is using the truth of the Word of God to repel Satan, and eventually drive him away. The Holy Spirit can help us recall the Word in times of difficulty, but for it to be recalled, it has to be known in the first place!

We must strive to be rooted in God’s Word. When we are knowledgeable about God’s Word and the promises and instruction within, the Holy Spirit is more effectively able to guide us on God’s path for us. We have received the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Our responsibility is to be familiar with God’s Word and be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When we are equipped with the Sword of the Spirit, we can go on the attack—to drive the enemy away from us! The enemy and his deception are no match for us when we are illuminated by God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. The Sword of the Spirit completes the Full Armor of God. Are you equipped for the battle?

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier






























































































































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