The Full Armor

Becoming Assured

How can you be certain of your salvation? Through the grace of God, we have the incredible opportunity to receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. But how can we be sure that this decision has given us salvation? The Bible gives us a few ways of being certain that we are in God’s hands!

First, to maintain our assurance, we must be equipped with the Helmet of Salvation. When we are under the protection of this metaphorical helmet, our minds are safeguarded from attacks by the enemy. The enemy often tries to adjust our thinking, making us lose our assurance, and thus limiting our relationship with God. Make sure you are immune to the enemy’s attacks!

The Bible, specifically in 1 John, gives ways that we can be certain of our salvation through the actions of our heart. One of the ways we can be assured is through our desire to keep His commandments! Along with this, our salvation should make us want to declare publicly what we believe in. 1 John also goes on to list loving your brothers and sisters, and caring first and foremost what God thinks, not those around you. When we begin to see these things in our life change for the better, we know that our salvation is legitimate!

Out of the abundance of the hearts we speak and act. We can be assured of our salvation from the change that we see in our lives! This change is not a result of our works, but a result of Christ transforming our heart with His amazing gift! Strive to live according to God’s Word, equip yourself with the Helmet of Salvation, and be assured of your personal salvation!

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