Becoming the best version of you isn’t something you can do on your own!  None of us are strong in every area of our lives.  But we are surrounded with people who complement and support our areas of weakness.

God strategically brings others into our lives.  The church is called to be one body with every element adding their strength and gifting and receiving support.  None of us are good at everything. For us to achieve our purpose and finish our races well, we need each other.

Biblical unity doesn’t mean squashing your uniqueness or holding back who you are.  It’s actually the opposite!  The more you discover who Jesus is then the more you’ll discover who YOU are and what gifts, talents, and abilities God has invested within you to benefit those around you!  He’s not a cookie-cutter God!  He has filled the world with variety and distinctions.  Don’t let your differences hold you back.  Instead, step up and claim your place in the Body of Christ!

Now is your time to step up and step into all of the gifts, talents, and abilities that God has given you to take your place within the body of Christ!

Do you need direction today?  Are you struggling with figuring out where you belong or even who you are?  God has a place and a purpose for you!  In my latest teaching series, we break through the easy clichés of what it means to unite as a church body.  Instead of learning to live a cookie-cutter life, I want you to discover what it means to live as the unique and authentic you.  That’s where you’ll find the equipping you need to take your rightful place within the Kingdom of God!

God hasn’t forgotten you!  And you are not alone!  You are a part of God’s greater purpose in the earth!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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