There will be seasons in your life where you will have to give an answer for the hope that is within you.

Are you ready?

Paul, a prisoner in King Agrippa’s court, was asked to make an appeal to his captor and to defend himself for a crime he did not do. Even though Paul was unjustly in chains, he stretched his arms out like a man in absolute control, fully animated and unintimidated. You see, when you spend time with the King of Kings, earthly kings lose their luster.

Like Paul, there will be days where you are persecuted, put on trial, or find yourself living in an awful situation. However, if you think yourself happy, like Paul did in Acts 26, you’ll be able to respond with the confidence and maturity of a person unafraid of the future.

As children of the one, true King, we have to be willing to speak, even when our voices shake. We’ve got to learn how to answer for ourselves. Evil prospers when good people remain silent; therefore, do not be silent! Answer for yourself! When you do, your light for Christ Jesus shines bright in a dark situation.

What I love about Paul is that he “thought himself happy” in a terrible situation. Why? Because he was so full of his God that in the midst of a trial, he was at peace, happy with a confidence that only comes from God. An awful situation couldn’t deter Paul.

Why are you so unhappy if you share the same God, share the same hope, and have been washed in the same blood as Paul through Christ Jesus?

Paul stood as a man with a clear conscience and a merry heart. He possessed a combination that could not be defeated.

I want to challenge you to change your mind-set about your problems, past, and pains. When we stop thinking those things are “almost” situations and start believing they are platforms to share the good news of Christ, our lives change. We go from “almost” to “utmost.”

When you face your “almost” situations with confidence and security in Him, you experience His utmost; you experience His best. Paul was big enough to realize that the situation was not about his safety, but about shining God’s light at the highest level.

Do you ever think that your pain is a platform for God’s message of salvation?

Be masterful with your pain and with your answers. Be open and transparent and considerate in all your ways, acknowledging Christ and trusting in His plan.

Paul was a man who practiced what he preached, which is why we can take him for his word when he said that it is necessary to emit the joy that is inside of us, always, no matter what! Paul withstood the harshest circumstances and situations, and yet he still, “thought himself happy.”

And that’s what I want for you — to think yourself happy. Even when the battery in your car dies or your child is sick or you’ve just lost your job.

Will you think yourself happy, today?


Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Grier

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