The Battlefield

The Battlefield

Where do you turn when problems arise in your life? You may have many talents, resources, or even a supportive personal network as your foundation for success, but none of these can ever replace the single most powerful weapon we possess: PRAYER.

In 2 Kings, chapter 19, we witness the power God gives each of us through prayer. Israel’s King, Hezekiah, was faced with the very real threat of war with Assyria. If Israel did not defeat their enemy, they would lose everything…not just land and resources, but their wives, children, and livestock would also be violently captured as spoils of war by the Assyrians. Furthermore, the Assyrian king taunted King Hezekiah with a letter, mocking him for believing that God was powerful enough to save them!

Rather than consult his advisors or his own wisdom, King Hezekiah knew right where to go with fears that only God could resolve. The passage says he went straight to the temple, laid out the Assyrian king’s letter before the Lord, and began to pray from his heart. He must have been terrified, yet he still chose to magnify God, and minimize his enemy!

In the face of this impossible challenge, Hezekiah prayed that God would give them such a victory that everyone would know that only the Father could be credited for it. In 2 Kings 19:20 (NKJV), God answered his prayer saying, “Because you have prayed to me… I have heard…,” and the Assyrians and their king were utterly decimated in the battle.

Through prayer, Hezekiah tapped into something so powerful & so incomprehensible that it could only be characterized by the word SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC!

Friends, God is our power source and everything we need is found in Him. Our greatest wars are not won on battlefields, but on our knees in prayer! Prayer gives us access to the Father and when we go to Him in our times of need, we can’t help but win!  So, I urge you to draw closer to God, become a part of His will and experience the victory that only comes through Him!

Live Big!

Dr. Grier

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