In Part 1 of “The Tale of Two Sons,” we discussed the power of God’s love and how it remains the same, no matter how far off course we travel. In this week’s message, I continue discussing the parable of two sons. To recap, the younger son had returned to the father after blowing his inheritance. Instead of banishing him, the father immediately restored his sonship. When we finished up with the message, the fatted calf had been slain to clear the debt and a grand celebration was taking place to commemorate the return.

The parable continues with an introduction of the older son, who didn’t quite understand his father’s heart because the relationship he had with his father was similar to that of a slave and his master. As a result, he was angry with the celebration and insisted that the younger son be punished. The older son thought too highly of himself and minimized his imperfections in relation to his brother.

Similar to the older son in the parable, we sometimes struggle to distinguish between the sin and the sinner instead of serving as a source of encouragement to those who are going through a rough patch. However, we must realize that growing angry with God because of His patience with someone else who’s hurting is also a sin in the Father’s eyes.

We have a duty to love the sinner, not the sin, just as God does. No sin is greater than another, although the actions may have different consequences. We all have shortcomings, but God loves us in spite of it all.

Even if you’ve taken a beating from the world for your missteps, remember that God is not focused on the wrong you did. He still has a calling on your life and wants to welcome you back with open arms. If you’re ready to take the next step in your Christian journey, I invite you to get the full-length copy of my teaching titled, “The Tale of Two Sons, Pt. 2,” where you’ll discover how to refrain from growing angry when you don’t understand God’s work in someone else’s life, despite your obedience. You will also learn how to seek God’s best for you even if you’ve done your worst.

Allow God to restore you and help you recover everything you’ve lost.

Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Grier

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