Have you ever looked back at the hardest times in your life and wondered how you made it out alive? At the time, you might not have realized it, but all along, God was working behind the scenes in your life for your good!

In last week’s blog, we discussed how Naomi had found herself widowed and impoverished after disowning God’s protection and relocating to a foreign land. The tragedies in Naomi’s life left her feeling bitter and defeated. Little did she know that God was orchestrating the people and events in her life that would lead to blessings beyond what she ever hoped for.

As we move forward, we see that her only remaining family was her daughter-in-law, Ruth, with whom she made the journey back to Israel. While gathering grain in the fields, Ruth was noticed for her beauty by the field’s owner, a great man named Boaz. Boaz wasn’t just the most eligible bachelor, he was an honorable man who showed his intention to protect, love, and respect Ruth as he courted her. They eventually married, and God’s planning was so masterful that Ruth became a gentile ancestor of Jesus! Ultimately, by God’s providence, Naomi found herself with a new family who would love and take care of her the rest of her days.

Events in our lives rarely unfold according to our plans, and this can be devastating if we don’t keep in mind that God is always at work in the background! Often, He is working anonymously in ways that no one can see or predict.

When you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, remember that your comeback is inevitable because God is moving on your behalf and for your benefit! If you find yourself in a painful or challenging situation today, your rebound might come in ways you never expected. Even when we can’t trace God’s moves, we can always trust Him. The sun still sets and rises, and God has already orchestrated tomorrow and the next day. His unseen hand is always at work!

Live Big!

Dr. Grier

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