In spite of our shortcomings, God wants us all to have eternal life through him. God doesn’t just limit his blessings to the righteous; he seeks those who are broken and in need of both physical and spiritual restoration.

In Luke chapter 5, Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees because they didn’t understand why their disciples and those of John the Baptist fasted and prayed regularly, yet Jesus’ disciples would eat and drink. Jesus explained that he came to heal those who are sinners and need to repent, and not those who claim to be righteous because the sick, and not the healthy, are those who are in need of a doctor.

As believers, we are sometimes ashamed to approach the throne grace in search of healing because of our past transgressions or shortcomings. But we must confess and repent so we can receive healing and forgiveness. If we are stubborn and unwilling to adjust so God can use us to uplift the kingdom, it becomes difficult for us to receive what he has in store for our lives. We must understand that we are a work in progress and should remain hungry for a deeper relationship with Christ.

If you desire to go to the next level in your spiritual walk, I encourage you to get a copy of one of my recent messages called “Stretched But Not Broken.” In the message, I will explain the significance of being flexible so God can use you and how to tap into his supernatural power so you can be restored.

Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity today and be renewed through the Holy Spirit.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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