Smiling in the Midst of a Storm

Don’t Look Down

Smiling in the Midst of a Storm

Has God ever asked you to do something that you felt was too much to handle? As much as you wanted to respond the way Jesus did, you just couldn’t. The truth is, we can handle more than we think we can, we just have to exercise our faith!

In Matthew 14, Jesus asked the disciples to get in a boat, go across the lake, and meet Him there later. A big storm wreaked havoc on the waters, greatly extending the time it took for these otherwise rugged and seaworthy men to make the trip. What had typically been a two-hour trip was quickly becoming a nine-hour ordeal.

With all of that going on, Jesus shows up walking on the water and saying, “Be of good cheer, it is I; do not be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27 NKJV). Unless we can rejoice in the middle of difficulty, we probably aren’t going to be able to come out of it. Jesus was encouraging His disciples to not lose faith.

Peter answered: Is it you? Once you determine that it’s God, all the important questions are answered. We have to guard against becoming critical or analytical…Some of us can be so analytical that we can talk ourselves right out of the change that God wants to make in our lives. In uncertain situations, it takes faith to smile, which is a sign that we trust God and not our boat or other circumstances. That means when water is in your boat and it’s going under, or you’re thinking, “surely God would’ve gotten me to the other side of this issue by now,” faith rises up and you believe God’s will.

So, the next time you find yourself being tossed around in the waves of life: Don’t look down, but look to Jesus and know that He will step in at just the right time.

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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