Say My Name, Say My Name

When God Stops

Say My Name, Say My Name

In Acts 17, Paul encourages the churches under his care to reason through the Scriptures, and use their minds to see the truth that Jesus is pointed to throughout the Old Testament. At some point, Paul knew, people needed to not only believe in God, but to call upon the name of His Son! What do we learn from this account?

1. Every sacrifice in the Old Testament points to Jesus. Both the animal sacrifices, and the suffering of God’s people, foreshadowed the suffering Savior who was to be sacrificed on our behalf. Every lamb pointed to the Lamb of God!

2. We have to be specific—we have to say His name. Millions of people believe in the existence of God. At some point, however, God calls us to decide whether Jesus is Lord. This decision will determine whether or not we spend eternity with Him. We have to call upon the name of Jesus to truly be reconciled to God. 

3. God chooses the foolish things of this world. God chooses to use methods and people that don’t make sense to the world! That means that each of us, with our unique traits, quirks, and flaws, are prime candidates to be used in His service. When we place our full trust in Jesus, we’ll find ourselves part of a calling and a destiny that’s beyond what we ever hoped or imagined.

Everything rests on what we say about Jesus—who we believe He is. If we believe He is Lord, we’ll call upon Him. He wants us, as the Destiny’s Child song goes, to “Say my name, say my name.” All of Scripture, and our destinies today, rest on the person of Jesus Christ. Will you call upon Him as your Lord?”  

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