Righting Our Relationship

What do you do when you’ve made a mistake?

What do you do when you’ve made a mistake? When you’ve stumbled, sinned, tripped up, or gotten off track, do you instinctively try to hide it from the Lord? Many of us do this, but it is not the correct response! We should run to God with our sins and ask Him for repentance, through His repentance, our relationship can be righted, and we can find joy in the Lord and our relationship with Him!

The first step to righting our relationship is handling our sin. We must not hide our sin. Instead, we should take it to the Lord with an open heart. He is a forgiving and merciful God, no sin we could ever commit could oust or inhibit His intense love for each one of us. Don’t hesitate in bringing your sins to Him—let Him forgive your transgressions and right your relationship! Strive to get back on track asap!

Oftentimes, before our relationship with God can be made right, He wants us to deal with the distractions in our life that are inhibiting our relationship with Him. This varies from person to person, whatever God is telling you to limit or increase in your life, strive to listen to Him and make the necessary adjustments! Listen to His guidance in your life and follow it to the best of your ability!

Our joy comes from our relationship with the Lord and the forgiveness, grace, and mercy that He shows us. If we are sinning and trying to hide it from the Lord, or just trying to continue it because it feels good in the present, our relationship with God will be impacted. He wants for your relationship to be restored, but first, you may need to let go of the sin you are holding onto!


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