Return to Your House

Return to Your House

How are we to keep calm and hold on to our peace in the midst of the storm?

In Luke Chapter 8, Jesus encounters a demon-possessed man the day after weathering an intense storm. But Jesus maintains his calm demeanor and the man ultimately ends up on his knees at Jesus’ feet worshipping him.

Why the turn of events? Well, the man wasn’t accustomed to this sort of reaction that embodied love, grace and the compassion of Jesus that flowed from the heart of his Father. The demonic spirit couldn’t withstand the convicting power of Jesus’ peace. Believe it or not, this same principle applies to us in our everyday walk. If we are righteous and hold it together in the midst of a demonic attack, the enemy falls apart, not us.

We have access to the same supernatural power Jesus used to cast out the evil spirits in the demon-possessed man’s body. God arms us with this power so we can be used as a vessel to share the Gospel with those we encounter on our daily walk.

But when we are threatened, we must not resort to violence using natural weapons. Instead, we must use the most powerful weapon in our spiritual arsenal, which is peace. Most importantly, we must stand firm on God’s word and believe that He came to give us eternal life through Christ Jesus. The enemy uses shrewd tactics to distract us from our purpose and tries to steal our identity, but God steps in to fight our battles so we can live an abundant, purpose-filled life.

If you’ve struggled with storms and would like to learn more about how to overcome, and have the peace of God rule and reign in you, I encourage you to get a copy of my teaching called “Return to Your Own House.” In the message, I explain why we must address spirits to get to the root of the problem along with Satan’s motives, how he executes his plans, and what you must do to ward off attacks of the enemy. I’ll also send you a copy of another one of my powerful teachings, “Cooties and the Power of a Newborn Spirit,” absolutely free.

I invite you to experience the liberating power of Jesus Christ today.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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