Removing Barriers

Removing Barriers

Jesus took time to love and minister to the woman at the well. From His example, here are three things we should do when also ministering to those who are not yet believers:

  1. Stay Humble. Jesus, who had every right to be haughty and self-absorbed, was honest about His humanity. He was not too proud to say He was thirsty. Instead, He used His moment of transparency to connect with someone else and begin a life-changing conversation.
  2. Stay Confident. Jesus also clearly knew who He was, and what His mission was. He was frank about the truth, and spoke to the Samarian woman with boldness. Be confident in your identity in Christ, and love people enough to be bold with your message.
  3. Show Value and Respect. No matter the differences between you and the other person, always, alwayscommunicate their value and show respect. Be friendly. Be courteous. Be gentle. Esteem them higher than yourself – Philippians 2:3. This will help you earn the right to speak into their lives and keep them open to what you have to say.

Removing barriers between ourselves and those we want to reach is more simple than we think. It takes genuine love, patience, and relationship. How will you build a bridge that allows you share God’s love with those around you today?

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