Real Joy

Where does our joy come from?

Where does true joy come from? How can you always find joy even in the difficult and adverse situations that life may bring? The answer is simply believing in the promises that God has made to us—when we alter our perspective, we can find joy in even the darkest of times. Strive to find joy in God’s promises and keep your focus on Him amidst life’s storms!

We have to work to maintain a healthy perspective. The trials you’re going through now—the difficulties, the hardships, the pain—are all temporary. Keep your eyes on the distance—on God’s plans for you and the end of the storm. You know with God on your side, you have more than enough to make it—don’t give up!

To find joy amidst any circumstance in our life, we also have to believe in God’s promises. God promised us grace and through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we have salvation. If you really believe in the extent of the salvation that Christ has given us through His sacrifice, you have enough reason to be joyous all the time! You have eternal life!

If we’re just focusing on how the obstacles of life feel, how much they hurt, and the trouble they bring, we’ll never have true joy. True joy comes from the Lord! Believing in His promises to you and keeping your eye on them amidst the storms of life is the key to keeping a joyful attitude no matter what you may be experiencing. Strive to find the real joy that only God can provide!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier











































































































































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