Reach For What Is Yours

Reach For What Is Yours

There may be things from your past that you may be ashamed of, but I assure you, you are not alone. We all have done something that we’re not proud of. Here’s the amazing thing about God – He always stands with open arms, ready to receive us as we are and He’s waiting for YOU!

He wants to free you and wipe away your shame today!

I am the father of two healthy boys who sometimes make mistakes. What I’ve come to realize is that as a parent, when my boys come to me in their wrong, they are not first, their mistakes, but my sons. When you go to God with a sin, mistake, or misstep, He sees you FIRST as a son or daughter and He loves you more than you imagine.

It’s time for you to reach out to God. He wants to set you free from self-condemnation so that you can live free from your chains. It’s time to see yourself the way God sees you and reach for what is yours – freedom in Jesus’ name!

In Luke 6, the Bible tells us about two instances where Jesus broke the law to do something good. There was a lesson in the conflict of healing on the Sabbath: doing a good deed in a life or death situation always supersedes the law. For example, jaywalking is illegal, but if a child was in the middle of a busy street, any good person would break the law to save the child.

God is greater than any earthly counsel, so Jesus came to shift the paradigm. He was literally God in flesh and in His Godly authority, told the establishment that they’d gotten it wrong. The problem was, the Pharisees didn’t recognize Jesus for who He was.

In our lives, we must recognize who Jesus is and that He stands in His authority. Don’t fight against Him, but seek Him…He’s either Lord of all, or not Lord at all!

When Jesus went to the synagogue, He encountered a man there on the Sabbath, whose right hand was withered. Back then, it was an insult to touch others with your left hand, as it represented dishonor. This man could only use his left hand and he probably was isolated and looked upon with repulsion. He may have felt like only the unclean, dishonorable part of him defined him and may have even tried to hide his deformity.

Nonetheless, at Jesus’ command, he stretched out his hand and Jesus healed him. Jesus was not ashamed of His amazing grace and did what He knew would save the man’s life, bring back his dignity restore his hope.

You may feel that you have to hide parts of your past, but do not be ashamed. When you go to God with a sin or mistake, He sees you first as His daughter or His son. You’re not disgusting, evil, or to be cast out; you are loved by the Father and He calls you His child…no matter what.

Reach for what is yours and experience God’s grace, mercy, love, and freedom today!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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