We live in a media rich society. Whether it’s in books, video, or even music, stories possess the ability to present bold truths in a way that is easily embraced. Jesus understood this! In so much of His personal ministry, He was able to stretch people beyond their preconceived religious mindsets by answering a question with a story. And each of His stories were a setup for revelation; revelation that we discover and are not just taught. The power of a rightly spoken story can change a life and change the way we see and interact with the people in our lives.

It should say something to us that Jesus spent so much time teaching through stories. Here He is, the Master and the One Who had the right to simply tell people how they should behave and how they should believe, and He is communicating in a way that leads people to discover truth. Jesus used His stories and parables to sculpt the way we see and engage the world around us. And through His teaching stories, we’re forced to rethink the way we view others and the simple labels and stereotypes we’re so quick to put on people.

When you think of some of the greatest teaching moments of the Gospels, you can quickly name off a number of stories that communicated penetrating truths; the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, and the parable of the talents. In the same way, you can apply the principles of the story to enact change in your own life. I want you to discover what it’s like to tap into the flow of grace and to live love-minded and not sin-minded. Turn the page to the next chapter of God’s goodness for you and your loved ones!

Walking in Grace,
Dr. Derek Grier

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