God has given you a grand vision for your life. For years, it’s been on your mind, but you’re starting to have doubts because you have no idea how to get out of your current situation and begin pressing forward. What are you to do as a believer?

In Zechariah 4, the Lord sent a prophetic vision to Zechariah; both he and Haggai were to go and prophesize to Israel and mobilize the people back into action to rebuild Jerusalem. In the dream, Zechariah saw a solid gold lampstand with a bowl at the top and seven lamps on it with seven channels to each of the lamps. He also saw two olive trees, one on each side of the lamp.

Confused by what each element represented, he asked for clarity. As explained by the angel, the gold represented the beauty of our message while the lampstand was a reflection of the church. The bowl that provided fuel for the lamp represented the everlasting fire for God that he desires and the oil that burned represented the anointing and the work of the Holy Spirit. Lastly, the trees were a reflection of the Holy Spirit, which is our unlimited supply of grace an anointing.

Just like Zechariah, God often reveals his plans to us, but what do we do? We immediately start finding faults with it because they seem larger than life, and we have no idea how God’s going to take us from our current situation to where he wants us to be. We find every excuse in the book to do things our way.

But instead of doubting the vision, we as believers must seek clarity, like Zechariah did, and start taking action immediately. We must also understand that it will take more than any money, power or intelligence that we possess. And even if we don’t have enough at the present moment, God will provide. But it is our duty to be obedient and follow the steps he has ordered for our lives.

The devil tries his best to hinder God’s people by feeding us lies or placing stumbling blocks in our way, but we must keep trusting and using those obstacles as stepping stones. God always upholds his end of the deal. And remember, everything will work out in your favor. Your hands will touch what he has promised.

If you’re struggling with gaining clarity in a vision God has given to you or unsure of how to move forward so God’s promises can be manifested in your life, I encourage you to get a copy of one of my recent teachings titled, “The Plumb Line.” It’s about learning how to overcome the fear, doubt and inner voices in your head, seeking God in the time of confusion, and why you should move when God says so.

Experience God’s miraculous power and witness how he does the unthinkable to transform his plans for your life into reality.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Dr. Derek Grier

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