Plan B might be better than Plan A

Only God gets it right the first time

Plan B might be better than Plan A

Which is more important to you: good looks or a good heart? It’s not a trick question, and while most would answer a good heart, too often we choose otherwise. Even God’s prophet, Samuel, had trouble discerning those with a good heart until the Lord stepped in to have the final say.

When the Lord commanded Samuel to anoint Saul as king over Israel, it seemed to be a great choice. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He was well liked and everyone admired him. But eventually, it became clear that Saul was more concerned about his own interests and protecting himself than being a compassionate and moral leader. The Lord was disappointed that Saul did not follow Him or His commandments. He told Samuel that it was time to anoint a new king.

Instead of rising to the occasion, Samuel moped about and felt ashamed and sad. He tried to get Saul to change and pointed out his sin. But Saul didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Eventually, God had to shake Samuel out of his funk to move on to anoint His next choice. Remember: dwelling on the past will not serve you well. The past is like a voicemail you’ve already heard; it never has anything new to say!

The Lord led Samuel to patiently look for a man with a good heart. In fact, a man after God’s own heart. David was Jesse’s eighth son, and Samuel had to look long and hard before he found him. In fact, he and Jesse both tried Jesse’s seven other sons before they found Israel’s chosen King. Imagine going through seven tries before figuring out the right plan!

When you feel like you can’t figure out the right plan for you, don’t be discouraged. If your Plan A doesn’t work out, remember there are 25 other letters in the alphabet. If you learn patience and trusting God, you will always have the best. God does not skimp on His work for His people.

God has the final say no matter what obstacles may slow you down or threaten your success. Be assured that no one or nothing can keep from you what God wants for you!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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