Peace in Any Circumstance

God Is In Control

When the inevitable storms of life hit you, do you remain peaceful? Do you have enough faith in God and His plans for you to remain peaceful in even the circumstances that have the most uncertainty and difficulty? The peace we have in God shouldn’t be susceptible to the storms of life—we must strive to keep our peace! Strive to have faith in God’s plan for you and utilize peace as a tool to ward off the attacks of our enemy!

If God brought you to a circumstance, have faith that He will get you to the other side! Our God is all-powerful—what does it say about your faith if you can’t trust Him to get you out of a storm? We all must be intentional about keeping our peace in God no matter what situation we may be going through. When we stay peaceful in God, it is a display of our faith in His power and His word!

We also must utilize peace against our adversary. The devil will often throw doubt and difficulty our way, and he delights when it causes us to drift in our relationship with God. Peace is our weapon against his attacks! When we are peaceful, the storms of life will not budge us in our faith in God, His word, and His power. Make sure you’re utilizing peace in your life!

In conclusion, we must strive to stay peaceful! Will there be storms in our life? Yes! Will there be adversities that fill us with doubt, uncertainty, and even fear? Yes! This does not mean we have to lose our peace. The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, is our Lord—if He stands with us, then who or what could possibly steal our joy and peace? Remember who you serve, remember His power, and remember His love for you! Strive to stay peaceful in all situations through Jesus Christ!


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