Beyond what you can see… beyond what you can even feel… there is a confidence that can overcome every obstacle and trial in your life.  In place of frustration and disappointment, God wants to open your eyes and take you to a deeper level of faith and a greater flow of his grace and blessing than you’ve ever known!

In the middle of your greatest trial and difficulty, the temptation is to feel as if you’re all alone… as if the Master has abandoned you.  We understand intellectually that the Bible says He’ll always be with us, but too often we lose confidence or we seek some kind of sign to reassure us.  God’s best for us isn’t to be comforted by what we CAN see, but to be completely persuaded by the Word of God that our eyes are opened so we don’t HAVE to see.

The greatest problem we’ll ever face isn’t God’s absence in our lives.  It’s our perception.  We can’t allow the pains of life to make us blind to God’s daily, active presence.  When life throws you a curveball, it’s not because God didn’t see it coming.  A lot of times God allows things to fall apart so something greater can come together.  While we’re busy trying to keep the parts of our lives together, God is working something deeper within us.  We have to remember that our promise is always greater than our pain.

If you’re ready to go deeper, I encourage you to check out my latest messages.  These life-changing messages will help you find your way when life doesn’t seem to be going your way and they will show you how you can experience God’s best even when world is giving you its worst.  These practical principles will guide you through every storm of life and introduce you to a more intimate and powerful relationship with your Heavenly Father.

When we let go of our disappointment we can open our eyes to experience the goodness that God has for us right here, right now

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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