Do you ever feel like your life is more of a hamster wheel than a journey… just racking up mileage, but never really gaining ground? Let me tell you, this does not have to be your destiny! There’s a bigger and better way to live!

In 2 Kings: 6-7, we see the land of Samaria besieged by the forces of the king of Syria. The situation was becoming more hopeless by the day. Starvation compelled people to do horrendous things just to get by. Even the king of Israel was so distraught at the horrors of famine, he could do nothing, but tear his clothes in mourning.

However, there were four men whose boldness and faith were even greater than the king’s. These men were afflicted with leprosy, so they already had nothing to lose. So, they decided to leave the city and surrender to the Syrian army. Their outlook was grim, but they were ready to GO BIG, or die trying! Little did these men know, they were walking right in accordance with God’s plan to deliver the whole city!

2 Kings 7:5-6 says that when the men approached the Syrian encampment outside the gates, God caused the army to hear the sound of many chariots, horses, and men of a great army. Fearing that powerful allies of the Samaritans had come for vengeance, the Syrians fled the scene, leaving behind all their food and supplies to be taken by the Samaritan people.

When you’ve been in a state of misery or mediocrity for so long, you start to lose sight of any possibility of escape. God has shown us repeatedly that He always rewards the faith of the bold! If you break out of your comfort zone and start walking in the direction that God has designed for you, He will lead you to victory! Are you ready to take that first step today?

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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