Making Your Days Count

Making Your Days Count

Scripture: Acts 1; Psalms 90; 1 Timothy 5:8

What’s the most important place for you to share your faith in Jesus? According to Jesus’s commission in Acts 1:8, our first priority is to provide spiritually for our homes.

This calling is lived out not in years and months, but in moments and days. Our small decisions snowball, growing into our lifestyles and legacies. How we choose to utilize our time will determine how much of the abundant life in Jesus we experience.

We must embrace Jesus as the Source that we desperately need. Only when we put the kingdom of God first, can we see the Spirit sanctify our homes.

Do you spend so much time counting days that you forget to make your days count? What have you invested in the most today? Today, right now, what is your primary priority?

God promises that, when we put His kingdom before anything else, He will abundantly bless us. He will cause His gospel to spread through our witness around the world. We will enjoy peace, blessing, and safety in the shadow of His wings. It all starts with the home, and it all starts with this moment. So…what will you do today to put Him first in your home?

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier




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