Let’s talk about complaining.

The Bible tells us, in life, we’re going to face trouble…there’s no way around it. But, it’s our response to that trouble that determines our outcome. How we handle the difficult times – when everything seems to be going against us or when nothing seems to be going right – is what determines if we make it or not into our promise land.

What impact do nagging and negative thoughts have? How do we keep ourselves and those around us from being hurt by them?

The Bible tells us, in Numbers 11, that the Israelites had become chronic complainers. God would provide, but the people would still find something wrong with His provisions. God blessed them, but they always found something to whine about. You might be thinking, “Yeah, but that was the Old Testament.”

Well, it still applies to us today under the New Covenant. How?

Under the New Covenant in the New Testament, Paul warns the people of Corinth against doing the same exact thing the Israelites did hundreds of years before.

In 1 Corinthians 10, verses 6, 7, 8, and 9, Paul walks the people (and us) through the Israelites’ past mistakes and reminds us all of how their sins (i.e., worshipping golden calves, being sexually immoral, and testing the Lord) destroyed them.

Then Paul, in the first part of verse 10, says, “Nor complain, as some of them also complained,” to reiterate how the Israelites responded to God. Paul was saying that just as worshipping a false god is wrong, so is being unhappy with what the true God has provided.

The second part of verse 10 is a bit forbearing. Paul mentions the “Destroyer” (or in the Hebrew translation, Abaddon, the Angel of Destruction and Death) as the one who is evoked by complaining. Scripture is warning us that what we say has the capacity to release spiritual forces that are woe-some and fearsome in strength and power.

Wow! What Paul is pointing out is that when we respond to good things with complaints and criticism, we open a very dangerous spiritual door and literally release demons into our families and into our circumstances.

I know it’s easy to gripe when things are not going your way, but to do so is to set some things in motion that you may live to regret.

Do you need help with what you say, today?

You see, complaining is a serious problem. It’s an ailment of our souls that willfully accuses Jesus of not being enough. His sacrifice gave us eternal life and yet, when we complain, we’re saying that His blood is somehow insufficient.

God loves you! He is for you! But to complain, despite His goodness, is a sin and throws all that He has given us back into God’s face.

The Bible says that when the Israelites complained, the atmosphere changed. They carried with them a dark cloud and missed out on their promise land. Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t allow the enemy come and wreak havoc in your life because you find it easier to complain, instead of Making the Best of Everything.

I want to encourage you today to live free of negative thoughts, words, and actions by using God’s language. When you speak God’s Word, you release His kingdom into your life and circumstances. The choice is yours…salvation or destruction? It’s all based on what you choose to say.

Let’s be grateful today. Let’s turn our complaints into praise and watch God show up in our lives!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Grier

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