Your faith is the key to unlock all of the power and authority of the Word of God in your life. As the Word made flesh, Jesus, understood the remarkable life-giving power that existed in every word that came out of His mouth. But He marveled when he found a person who was also aware of this power.

In Matthew 8, Jesus meets a Roman centurion who wanted his servant to be healed. As a man in authority and under authority, he knew the power that existed in a single command. The centurion didn’t request Jesus to come to his house. He didn’t even ask Jesus to lay His hands on the servant. The centurion understood and put faith in the power resident within the Word of God. His demonstration of faith serves as a revelation for us to use in our own lives.

I believe God wants us to make a shift in our mentality; a move away from needing to FEEL God to KNOWING God is at work. The centurion’s faith was greater than what he could feel or what he could see. It was completely dependent on his confidence in the power and authority of God’s Word.

We need to practice this same type of faith. When you get to the place where you are fully confident in God’s Word to do what it says it will do, you will realize God has already sent His Word to restore and redeem any trouble you might experience in life.

I believe that God is able to begin putting things right and fixing the broken places in your life. Not because I feel it, but because the Word of God says so. Are you ready to believe what God’s Word says can happen WILL happen? You are only one word away from receiving what you need from Heaven.

If you want to know more about building your faith and experiencing God’s best in your life, I encourage you to take advantage of an all-new teaching series I recently featured on our weekly broadcast. I want to show you how to push past every doubt and step into a new level of undeniable, overflowing faith! When you embrace the authority of the Word in your life, no circumstance or uncertainty the world can throw at you will be able to keep you from seeing God’s promises fulfilled in your life.

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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