If today were your last day, what would you do?

Would you pick up the phone and call someone? Would you spend more time with family and friends? Earnestness is of great value to our Heavenly Father and today, we’re going to discover why God calls us to live with a daily sense of urgency.

In John 9, the Bible tells us a story about Jesus and a blind man. Now, Jesus had just left a place where He’d been rejected by Jews for claiming to be the son of God. As He was traveling, He came upon a blind man — a man who most likely had been sitting along the roadside begging for most his life and was considered a societal nuisance.

But Jesus, having also been despised and rejected, didn’t see an outcast. He saw a man.

The disciples responded like most religious people would in this circumstance. They debated the cause of the man’s disability. They asked Jesus what sin had caused the man to be born blind. Like the disciples, some people always try to find somebody to blame in their attempt to understand why bad things happen. The truth is, sometimes it’s poor choices that lead to consequences, but other times, bad things just happen.

Being compassionate, instead of theological, Jesus answered the disciples, saying that neither the man nor his parents had sinned. He was blind so that God’s glory could be revealed through his healing. Hurt, trouble, and pain don’t always come from something you did. You have no control over some of the difficulties in your life, but God does, and can always produce something good from it.

Are you hurting? Do you feel like your life is barraged with problems or you’re constantly facing challenges in your everyday life?

Do not fret. While repentance can fix 50% of the problems you face, the other 50% is not about what you’ve done or are sorry about, but about how much you’ll rely on God to save you.

Is it possible that the tough things are there to build you up or to show how much God can accomplish?

That difficult boss on the job, your angry or ungrateful spouse, or your lack of finances are ways that God can work through you to make you stronger, better, and more effective for His kingdom. However, as humans, we often ask the wrong question! We often try to find reason in things we don’t understand, not seeing that our troubles are ways that God invites us to trust Him.

We don’t always need the answer. Instead, we need to live with the perspective that although bad things happen, God can shine brighter through them in a supernatural way. We need to live with the perspective that today might be the last day, so instead of wondering why something has happened, entrust that to God, so that He might use it to accomplish a miracle and, perhaps, save a life. Now, this new way of living requires a mental makeover! Are you willing to be made over?

Ask God what He’s trying to bring out of you through your difficult situations.

Jesus works in silence, so that only His works, not His explanations, make a difference in life.

Are you ready to let your daily walk do the talking? Are you ready to set aside your need for explanation and embrace the opportunities to bear the fruit that comes forth during hard times and frustrations?

Learn to live as if today’s your last day and take advantage of God’s power to transform your thinking so that you can make a lasting difference in your life and in the lives of others.


Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Grier


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