Living with Passion

Lean on and find comfort in God’s promises

As Christians, how are we called to live? We know we are called to love, give, and obey the commands of our God. But where should our motivation be coming from? How can we overcome the obstacles that life brings our way? It’s simple! As Christians, we can lean on and find comfort in God’s promises! When we believe His Word, we believe that no matter what we may experience in the present, we will eventually experience victory in His name!

In this fact, we can find the passion we need to follow God’s commandments! When we’re confident in our eternity, we’ll want to spend our limited time on earth sharing the good news, being a display of Christ’s love, and advancing God’s awesome Kingdom! Again, the first step to these wonderful occurrences is trusting in His promises!

The passion and comfort we get from God’s promises will also help us overcome the adversities of life. When our eyes are set on God and our eternity with Him, we aren’t as afflicted by the difficulties we experience today. We can find comfort in the reality of our future and eternity thanks to the selfless sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

In conclusion, we all need to strive to adopt the Christian attitude, an attitude that pursues victory, pushes through pain, and has an intense passion to fulfill the will of God! We need to trust in God’s promises with confidence and have full faith in His Word!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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