Everywhere you look, it seems like foolishness is on the rise.  Whether it’s in your home, on your job or even on the highway, I guarantee you that at some point you will be confronted by the actions of a fool.

But how do you respond when the fool lives in your house?  In I Samuel 25, we discover how the power of a good woman can save a family from the negative effects of a fool.

Nabal is described in the Bible as being harsh and badly behaved.  Yet, he had the good fortune to be married to Abigail, described as discerning and beautiful.  As David was traveling, he sent some of his young men to ask Nabal for whatever food he could spare for his men.  Instead of being honored by the presence and request of the future king, Nabal derided David and his men, accusing them of being no better than runaway slaves.

As news reached David, he called his soldiers to arms and prepared to destroy Nabal.

And he would have, if not for dutiful Abigail.  Upon hearing how poorly her husband had responded to a simple request, she gathered up all of the food she could and set out to meet David and his men before they could kill her husband and destroy her home.

She found favor with David and apologized for her husband’s behavior, noting that he was as his name said.  He was fittingly named “Nabal,” translated “fool.”  Her actions saved not only her husband’s life, but her life and the lives of all the servants in their household.

Abigail did right even by the fool in her life.  Her honor and wisdom opened the door for God to resolve the problem.  She didn’t have to resort to manipulation and she didn’t have to violate the authority of her home.  Keep in mind this applies to more than just a marriage relationship!  You may have situations on the job where you are regularly confronted with foolishness.  Or maybe you’ve experienced it within a church.  Continue to walk in honor toward those in authority and release them to God.  When we handle ourselves and our situations correctly, we open the door for God to solve these problem areas for us!

Dealing with other people’s mistakes and failures can be difficult, especially when they seem to become habitual or routine.  Most of us understand that people will make mistakes.  But, when the same mistake is made over and over again, it can become difficult to find a way to continue to offer grace.  In my latest teaching series, I’ll show you how to forgive yourself and, in turn, find the power to forgive those who bring foolishness into your life.  You may be the means of grace God has positioned in the life of that family member, co-worker or even your spouse to save them from themselves.

Learn to release the fool in your life to God, and wisdom, honor and integrity will allow you to have influence that far exceeds your given authority.

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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