Let Go & Overcome

No matter what we are experiencing in life, we must remember that God is in control

The society of today has a drastically different mindset than believers should have when approached with adversity. Many in the world would say the solution when you’re having trouble overcoming an obstacle is to put your head down and try harder, don’t give up. While there is truth to this principle, the better solution is to let go and let God. To relinquish control of the situation into God’s hands and let Him provide and protect.

No matter what we are experiencing in life, we must remember that God is in control. He is bigger than our problems and our enemies. When He is with us, nothing can stand against us or in our way. We must remember this at all times and find comfort and confidence in His continuous presence with us!

We also must recognize that we can’t live to God’s full potential for us by ourselves. We need God’s help and guidance in our lives. If we think we can do it alone, we are sadly mistaken. We need to learn to trust in Him when we are faced with problems. Just like in the story of Job, whatever happens, we need to remain faithful to Him!

In conclusion, it is commonplace to try to do everything by yourself. When faced with adversity and obstacles, the instinctive response is to try again and try harder. But let’s take a step back and put the situations we are struggling with into God’s hands. Let’s entrust Him to protect and provide for us in any and every situation we may experience. Let’s learn to let go and let God!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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