Laying It All on the Line

When God Stops

Laying It All on the Line

The story of David and Goliath is a popular Old Testament tale of God’s faithfulness. As we study how to DO BIG, there are several important lessons we can draw from David, his character, and his choices. 

1. David was the only one who focused more on God than on Goliath. Saul and the Israelites were paralyzed with fear because their gazes were fixed on the adversary. David saw Goliath in light of God, and so didn’t fear the giant. When fear threatens to paralyze us, we need to shift our focus from our giants to our God!

2. God calls His followers to take a risk. Every follower of God was called to take risks in obedience. Often, these risks involved discomfort, pain, or even the chance of death. Even Jesus endured the torture of the cross in obedience to God. You can trust that, if God is calling you to take a risk, not only is it possible for you—it’s completely worth anything you might surrender to Him. 

3. Surround yourself with faith-filled people. David spoke courage and faith to Saul and the Israelites. Until he showed up, however, the people were spreading fear around the camp, becoming more and more terrified. Who you surround yourself with will make a huge difference in how much faith (or fear) you live in on a daily basis. Seek out Godly, faith-filled friends to encourage you in your journey. 

We’ll face risks and hardships along our journey with God—Jesus promises as much in John 16:33. However, when we trust in God’s character, and surrender to Him in faith, we’ll find that He has been preparing us for these challenges all along! Like David, we’ll have what we need in Him when the time comes to slay our giants. We’ll be able to DO BIG because He’s by our side.

Live Big!

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